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Pope grants dispensation to Anne and Michael

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 February 23, 1948

Pope Pius has granted a papal dispensation for the marriage of exiled King Michael of Romania and Princess Anne of Bourbon-Parma,  reports United Press.

He granted the dispensation during a private audience with former Queen Helen of Romania and Princess Margrethe of Bourbon-Parma, the mothers of the groom and the bride.

Vatican sources state that the "dispensation was necessary" because Michael is a member of the Orthodox Church and Anne is a Roman Catholic.   The Pope agreed to the marriage "with the customary condition" that the couple's children will be raised as a Roman Catholics.

Zoubkoff arrested for brawl

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February 23, 1928

Alexander Zoubkoff, the husband of Princess Victoria of Schaumburg-Lippe has apparently forgotten a promise he made a few days ago to his wife "to observe an early curfew while he was in Berlin alone with his money in his pockets."

According to the New York Times,  Zoubkoff has not followed his wife's advice and is now facing "a charge of assault on a page early this morning in a West End bar."

This action could lead to Zoubkoff, who is thirty years junior than his wife, being deported from Germany as an "undesirable foreigner."

Princess Victoria left Berlin earlier this week.  Her husband remained behind "for further negotiations for his proposed transatlantic flight with his wife as a passenger."

But while his wife is away,  Zoubkoff has been spending a lot of time at the Casanova Club, with friends of both sexes, leading a "gay life, drinking, singing and dancing."

He arrived at the Casanova Club shortly after midnight already intoxicated, and had more to drink before he prepared to leave at about 3 a.m.  A page tried to assist Zoubkoff with his cloak, but the inebriated Russian thought he was trying to listen to a conversation he was having with a lady companion.    He ordered the page to leave the room, but the page explained that he was under orders from the manager to stay in the room.   Zoubkoff then "struck" the young man in face, knocking him down to the floor and "immediately began kicking him.

He was arrested by the police and taken to the local police station where he was determined to be very drunk.  The police discovered that Zoubkoff's passport had expired in December and he had not renewed it.  He was charged with "violating the regulations for foreigners and fined 300 marks."

Zoubkoff has been stateless since the Russian revolution and holds a Nansen passport granted by the League of Nations.  As Zoubkoff's wife, Princess Victoria has the same status and can be deported as well due to her husband's "violation of the law." 

It is not known if officials will "exercise their prerogative" in this matter.

Princess Patricia now a Colonel

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February 24, 1918

Princess Patricia of Connaught has been appointed as "honorary Colonel in Chief" of the 'Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, according to a London dispatch to the Reuter's Agency in Ottawa, Canada.

It was in August 1910 when the Canadian Defense Minister, Sam Hughes stated:  "With the approval of the Imperial Government authority is given for the raising of one Infantry Regiment to be named 'Princess Patricia's Light Infantry."

The new regiment was named for the younger daughter of Canada's Governor General, HRH The Duke of Connaught.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Princess Patricia is ignoring Cupid

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February 21, 1908

The latest rumor about Princess Patricia of Connaught that has Britain reveling in the "love affairs of that elusive young beauty," concerns a possible engagement with the Count of Turin, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Those "best acquainted with the young woman's peculiarities" are convinced that the Count will have "no better luck with his wooing" than others who have "sought in vain to attach the matrimonial halter to the young princess."

She has "upset all traditions" by refusing to allow her uncle, King Edward VII, or her parents to arrange a marriage.

This golden haired princess, "with large soulful eyes" and a marvelous complexion," has driven several suitors to despair.   King Alfonso XIII pursued her to no avail.  After one look at him, the young princess turned to her father, the Duke of Connaught and allegedly said: "I simple won't marry that horrid little man; so there."

Alfonso XIII found another princess in England: Patricia's first cousin, Ena of Battenberg.   They married in May 1906.

There were reports that King Edward VII wanted her to marry the young Crown Prince Luis Filipe of Portugal, who was assassinated with his father, King Carlos I, on February 1.  The young Crown Prince was only 20 when he was killed.

Grand Duke Michael of Russia, the younger brother of Nicholas II, and Prince Eitel Friedrich of Prussia, the second son of Kaiser Wilhelm II, had also expressed interest in marrying the Duke of Connaught's youngest child, but, again, the independent-mined princess said no. 

Two years ago,  Eitel Friedrich married Duchess Sophie Charlotte of Oldenburg.

Grand Duke Michael remains unmarried.

The Count of Turin - HRH Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy-Aosta -- is a cousin of King Vittorio Emanuele III.  His father, Prince Amadeo, Duke of Aosta, was King of Spain from November 1870 until February 1873.

The Count is 37 years old and a Roman Catholic.  He is unlikely to win Patricia's heart.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A thank you from Queen Mathilde

A thank you from Queen Mathilde of the Belgians

Prince Henrik's funeral

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Prince Henrik of Denmark's funeral was held earlier today. It was a private family funeral with no foreign royal guests.   His wife's nieces and nephews (the children of Princess Benedikte and  Queen Anne Marie) did not attend.

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Here is the guest list.

The Royal Family and the French family of HRH Prince Henrik
Hendes Majestæt Dronningen
Hans Kongelige Højhed Kronprinsen
Hendes Kongelige Højhed Kronprinsessen
Hans Kongelige Højhed Prins Christian
Hendes Kongelige Højhed Prinsesse Isabella
Hans Kongelige Højhed Prins Vincent
Hendes Kongelige Højhed Prinsesse Josephine
Hans Kongelige Højhed Prins Joachim
Hendes Kongelige Højhed Prinsesse Marie
Hans Højhed Prins Nikolai
Hans Højhed Prins Felix
Hans Højhed Prins Henrik
Hendes Højhed Prinsesse Athena
Hendes Højhed Prinsesse Elisabeth
Hendes Kongelige Højhed Prinsesse Benedikte
Hendes Majestæt Dronning Anne-Marie
Hans Majestæt Kong Konstantin af Grækenland
Mme Françoise Bardin
M. Guillaume Bardin
Mme Laurence Bardin
Fuldmægtig Charles-Henri Keller
Soeur Catherine de Monpezat
Le Comte Etienne de Laborde de Monpezat
La Comtesse Isabelle de Laborde de Monpezat
Le Comte Jean-Baptiste de Laborde de Monpezat
La Comtesse Gill de Laborde de Monpezat

Guests (alphabetical)
H.E. Alexandra Grevinde af Frederiksborg
Fhv. livrist, kammertjener Anker Andersen
Kommunikationschef Lene Balleby
Privatsekretær for H.K.H. Prins Joachim, oberst Søren Bo Bojesen
Kgl. jægermester, skovrider i Gribskov, hofjægermester Jens Bjerregaard Christensen
Fhv. hofchef for H.K.H. Prinsgemalens Hofstat, kammerherre, oberst Mogens Christensen
Erhvervssproglig fuldmægtig Marianne Gøttsche G. Dupont
Hofmarskal, kammerherre Michael Ehrenreich
Kabinetssekretær, ordenssekretær, kammerherre Henning Fode
Hofdame for Hendes Majestæt Dronningen Ane Vibeke Foss
Privatsekretær for H.K.H. Kronprinsen Morten Roland Hansen
Adjudantstabschef, oberst, kammerherre Lasse Harkjær
Kammertjener Jesper G. Jensen
Slotsforvalter på Fredensborg Slot, kammerherre, oberst John Kidde-Hansen
Formand for Folketinget, medlem af Folketinget for Dansk Folkeparti Pia Kjærsgaard
Ceremonimester, kammerherre, oberst Kim Kristensen
Økonomichef ved Den Kongelige Civilliste, kammerherre Søren Weiskopf Kruse
Kammertjener Olivier Laurent
Sekretariatsfuldmægtig i H.K.H. Prins Henriks Sekretariat, tilsynsførende Olivier Lesenecal
Sekretariatschef for H.K.H. Prins Henrik, major Nils Nykjær
Jagtkaptajn, chef for Kongeskibet Dannebrog, kommandør Christian A. Nørgaard
Privatsekretær for H.K.H. Prinsesse Benedikte, kammerherre, oberst Tommy M. Paulsen
Privatsekretær, hofdame for H.K.H. Kronprinsesse Mary Christine Pii
Statsminister Lars Løkke Rasmussen
H.E. Greve Ingolf af Rosenborg
Grevinde Sussie af Rosenborg
H.E. Højesteretspræsident Thomas Rørdam
Hofdame for Hendes Majestæt Dronningen, oberstinde Annette de Scheel
Præsident for Corps Consulaire, bestyrelsesformand, kammerherre, generalkonsul Fritz H. Schur
Hofchef for D.K.H. Kronprinsen og Kronprinsessens Hofstat, kammerherre Christian Schønau
Hofdame, privatsekretær for H.K.H. Prinsesse Marie Britt Siesbye
Slots- og Palæforvalter, major Michael de Voss
Hofdame for Hendes Majestæt Dronningen Annelise Wern
HE Ambassador of France Francois Zimeray

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Charles and Camilla in Yorkshire

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I normally do not write about fashion, but I really, really like the Duchess of Cornwall's pink coat .. I really, really like it.  It's pink.

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were in Yorkshire today carrying out several engagements.   The Duchess paid a visit to Haworth and the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth, West Yorkshire.

This was home of Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte  -- and 2018 in the 200th anniversary of Emily Bronte's birth.    Emily wrote my favorite book of all time, Wuthering Heights and Charlotte is the author of my nearly favorite book of all time,  Jane Eyre.

The Royal couple also visited the Piece Hall, in Halifax, a former cloth hall into a cultural and heritage center.  They stopped into several shops, including the Yorkshire Soap Co., where the Prince of Wales expressed interest in a Gingerbread man soap.

Take a look at the Yorkshire Soap company's website.  So many lovely handmade (in Yorkshire) soaps.  There are only 5 shops and all are in Yorkshire.
The company does accept mail orders within the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Europe. 

For more details of Camilla's visit to Haworth,  here is a link to Victoria Howard's coverage as she was one of the accredited press.

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A Chinese education for Princess Amalia? Dad says no.

The Dutch newspaper, De Telgraaf, is reporting that the Princess of Orange, the eldest of the three daughters of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, will be attending the United World College in  Changshu school in Changshu, China.

Princess Amalia, the heiress apparent to the Dutch throne, has been studying Chinese for several years.

King Willem-Alexander attended the Atlantic College in Wales, which was the first United World College, founded in 1962.   The then Prince of of Orange attended the school for two years.

Several days ago, the school's website had a Dutch-language announcement that read "the registration for the 2018-2020 school semesters is closed."

This announcement was made to stop the "influx of 'fortune seekers' " who wanted to be in the same class as the future  Queen of the Netherlands.

The King and Queen had wanted to find a school in the Hague, but they have agreed to send Amalia to China for the final years of high school.

However, it is now too late for other students to join her.

The RVD has not confirmed the information.  But King Willem-Alexander has called the report a "total nonsense story."  The King made the comment at the Noordbrabants Museum in Den Bosch, where he opened an exhibit.

The King said he read about the news when he made a stopover in Paris after flying en route home  from South Korea, where he and Queen Maxima had been cheering on the Dutch athletes.

He said he was "surprised" by the report in De Telegraaf.  He telephoned his eldest daughter to find out what she thought about the report.  Amalia apparently laughed "very loudly" in response to his question.

Princess Amalia, 14, is a student at the Christelijk Gymnasium Sorghvliet.  The king said his very happy at the school.

One royal correspondent said that "it is very remarkable that the king responds to a rumor."   

The usual reaction is a no comment reaction from the palace.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

funeral arrangements

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February 15 10:00 am -- Prince Henrik's mortal remains will be taken from Fredensborg Palace to Amalienborg.

February 16, 6:00 p.m.: Prince Henrik's coffin will be moved to the Palace Church at Christansborg to be placed in a castrum doloris (this is the structure that accompanies the bier).

February 16 10:15am - Members of the Danish royal family will visit the castrum doloris at the Palace Church.

February 17 3:00 pm  - 7:00 pm - Members of the public will be allowed to pay their respects at the Palace Church.

 February 18 12:00  - 7:00 pm: Members of the public will be allowed to pay their respects at the Palace Church. 19 February, 1:00 pm: Specially invited guests will pay their respects at the Palace Church.

February 19 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm: Members of the public will be allowed to pay their respects at the Palace Church.

February 20,11:00 am - The funeral of Prince Henrik will take place in the Palace Church, attended by family and close friends. It will not be a state occasion.

This means there will be no foreign royals attending the funeral.

In accordance with His late Royal Highness's wishes, his body will be cremated and his ashes later scattered privately on Danish waters and interred in the gardens at Fredensborg.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

a private funeral for Prince Henrik

@Danish royal house.   This photo was taken in Egypt shortly before Prince Henrik returned to Denmark 
Prince Henrik's funeral will be held on February 20 at 11:00 am at the church at Christianborg  Palace in Copenhagen.  In accordance with the late prince's wishes, the funeral will be private and not a state occasion.   Only the prince's family and friends will be attending the funeral.

He will be cremated and half his ashes will be scattered into Danish waters and the other half will be buried in the royal private garden at Fredensborg Palace.

The prince was diagnosed with dementia last September but had been ill health for several years.

The palace has released a selection of photos of the late Prince

Prince Henrik death: court mourning

His Royal Highness Prince Henrik died on Tuesday, 13 February 2018, and it has been decreed that the Court will be in mourning from today until Wednesday, 14 March.

In the period of mourning, Her Majesty The Queen and the Royal Family and the Court will not participate in social or entertainment events. During the Court mourning, dark clothing will be worn at public appearances. Personnel in uniform will wear black armbands on the upper part of the left arm.

Court mourning is the designation for a shorter or longer period of mourning at the Court in connection with a death in the Royal Family. The length of the mourning time is determined by the sovereign.

From today until Tuesday, 20 February between the hours of 09.00-17.00, condolence lists will be placed at the gate of Det Gule Palæ, Amaliegade 18, Copenhagen.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

BULLETIN Prince Henrik has died

The Danish royal house is reporting that Prince Henrik of Denmark, consort of Queen Margrethe II, died peacefully in the presence of his family, at Fredensborg Castle.  He died on Monday night, February 13, 2018.

"His Royal Highness Prince Henrik died peacefully in his sleep Tuesday 13 February at 11.18pm, at Fredensborg Palace.

Her Majesty the Queen and the two sons were at his side."

Michael Ehrenreich
Lord Chamberlain

Funeral plans will be announced in the next few days.

Price Henrik was 83 years old.

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Prince Henrik now back at Fredensborg

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His Royal Highness Prince Henrik has today been transferred from Rigshospitalet to Fredensborg Castle, where the Prince wishes to spend his remain days.

The condition of the Prince remains serious.

Queen Margrethe II has canceled a number of her forthcoming engagements and is staying at Fredensborg Castle with her husband.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

A boy for Maria Galitzine & Rishi Singh

Princess Maria Galitzine, daughter of Prince Piotr Galitzine and Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria, and her husband, Houston chef Rishi Singh are the parents of a son,  Maxim Singh, who was born on February 10, 2018, at Houston.

More wedding details for Harry and Meghan

Kensington Palace has released more details for Prince Harry and Miss Meghan Markle’s wedding on May 19.